The Zeta Four Films Advantage


Depth of Experience

 The Zeta Four Films principals are filmmakers, producers, and  attorneys with over 30 combined years of experience. Our relationships  cover all manner of distribution from television to DVD to VOD as well  as  IFTA and the leading digital trade association, OTT.X.

Filmmaker Friendly

 The principals are filmmakers themselves, understand the issues that  filmmakers face and provide personal service to filmmakers. 

DVD Distribution

  Zeta Four can make your film available to over 150 online DVD  distributors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Costco,  Fry’s Electronics, Home Shopping Network, JCPenney, Netflix, Newegg,  Redbox, Sam’s Club, Scholastic, Target and Walmart. .  

VOD Distribution

 Zeta Four has relationships or contacts with virtually all US VOD  distributors including Comcast, DISH, DirecTV, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu,  Peacock, Samsung, Vizio, Tubi, Vudu and Pluto, among others. 

Theatrical Distribution

Zeta Four has direct relationships with several theatrical distribution companies, ensuring that the your film will be submitted for consideration for theatrical distribution if you desire.